Shogakukan Building opens brand new cafe “Cafe Lish” , offering Doraemon themed menu for a limited time


(CHINESEDORA.COM) –  The Shogakukan Building located in Tokyo is set to open a brand new cafe called Cafe Lish on August 8, offering a Doraemon themed menu for a limited amount of time, ranging from soda drinks to curry! If you happen to be in Japan, make sure to check out their food and drinks!


Operated by the company nonpi, Cafe Lish is located on the first floor of The Shogakukan Building,aiming to integrate into the bookstore atmosphere in which the Jinbōchō area is known for and becoming a landmark within the area. The cafe is predicted to release character themed menus as a specialty of the store, with Doraemon being the first of all, being available during August 8 to September 10.

Let’s check out their menu and see what is being offered!

Limited Doraemon Themed Menu


Dorayaki Styled Burger    1500 Yen

A piece of juicy beef patty in between Doraemon’s favorite Dorayaki pancakes with salad and fries on the side, with a cute image of Doraemon decorated on the pancakes.


Doraemon Dry Curry    1500 Yen

Even in the summer, everyone loves curry! This curry is full of Doraemon’s cuteness, with Doraemon’s smile greeting you from the omelet.


Doraemon Short Cake    1200 Yen

This delicate shortcake is made once again using Doraemon;s favorite Dorayaki pancakes, with the shortcake in between both pancakes, allowing you to taste infinite sweetness! It also comes with a side of ice cream, which is cool and refreshing for the hot weather!


Shogakukan Logo Latte    650 Yen

Shogakukan’s classical logo is transformed into Doraemon and Dorami’s afternoon tea? Please enjoy this cute and unique Latte art only found here.


Doraemon Cream Soda    1200 Yen

With a refreshing combination of Chocolate Mint Ice Cream and Blue Soda, it’s best suited for the hot summer and recreates the style of Doraemon!


Not only can you enjoy the special food and drinks in Cafe Lish, you can also relax and chill through reading Doraemon mangas, with the cafe having a range of options for you to choose from in the series.

So if you’re planning a trip or visiting Japan soon, do make sure to stop by at Cafe Lish and feel Doraemon’s charm through a range of Doraemon themed delicious food and drinks!

Cafe Lish
Address:〒101-8001  2-3-1 Hitotsubashi, Chiyoda-ku Shogakukan Building Level 1
Phone Number:03-6261-9889
Operating Hours:9:00~21:00(Weekdays) 10:00~18:00(Weekends)

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