Fujiko.F.Fujio Museum transitions to QR Code ticketing system to increase convenience with tickets reservation and collection


(CHINESEDORA.COM) –  Are you planning to visit Japan’s “Fujiko.F. Fujio Museum” , a place where Doraemon fans love? If you are, then you are in luck! The museum is transitioning to a QR Code ticketing system starting October 1, meaning that fans no longer have to purchase tickets through LAWSON and can now instead purchase them online.


The Fujiko.F. Fujio Museum recently announced their plan to transition to a QR code ticketing system, meaning that visitors in the future will be able to purchase tickets through the museum’s official website without any membership registration or apps needed. Through the website, visitors are able to choose their desired date and timeslot, with the QR code issued being the only thing needed to enter the museum, saving the time of visiting LAWSON and having the ticket physically printed out.

The new ticketing system is expected to go live on September 5, with ticketing through LAWSON ending on September 30. If you plan on visiting the museum soon, do make sure to check out which ticketing method is available and suits you best!

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