UNIQLO’s New ‘Doraemon Sustainability Mode’ Products Are Here!


TAIPEI (CHINESEDORA.COM) – The newest Doraemon Sustainability Mode products are here! The collection includes newly designed jackets and toys featuring Uniqlo’s Global Sustainability Ambassador, Doraemon, in his green “Sustainability Mode” appearance. As for now, Uniqlo Japan, Uniqlo Hong Kong and Uniqlo Singapore are announced that they will release the products on Oct. 6th, 2023.


Discover our range of products made from recycled materials—including those featuring Doraemon Sustainability Mode! For every eligible item purchased during the campaign period, UNIQLO will donate $1 USD (approximately ¥140 JPY*) to an activity dedicated to reducing ocean garbage in partnership with non-profit organizations; As a commitment to protect Singapore’s marine biodiversity, UNIQLO Singapore donates to the Garden City Fund to support the Plant-A-Coral, Seed-A-Reef programme.

New Doraemon Sustainability Mode Products list:


KIDS Doraemon Sustainability Mode Fluffy yarn fleece full-zip L/S jacket
Price:SG$29.90,HK$149.00,JPY 1990


MEN Doraemon Sustainability Mode Fluffy yarn fleece full-zip L/S jacket (XS-3XL)
Price:SG$39.90,HK$249.00,JPY 2990


Doraemon Sustainability Mode Toy
Price:SG$29.90,HK$149.00,JPY 1990

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