Add a Touch of Kyoto Style to Your Home with the Second Wave of SOU・SOU X Doraemon Collectibles


Introducing the SOU GOOD UV Umbrella with Quick-Dry Pouch, Limited Edition SOU・SOU Doraemon Plushie and SOU GOOD Soft Cushion

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – As summer draws to a close, 7-Eleven is here to bring even more excitement to its customers! Bringing the beloved Japanese cartoon character “Doraemon” and renowned Kyoto-based brand SOU・SOU together for the very first time, 7-Eleven has curated a fantastic collection of Japanese-style homeware items all centred around the theme of “A Touch of Kyoto Style”. This exciting line-up includes the SOU GOOD Japanese Style Glass and the SOU GOOD Ceramic Dish with Handle, where the signature prints of SOU・SOU blend seamlessly with classic Doraemon patterns to create some seriously captivating designs. 7-Eleven has also added a hint of minimalism and freshness, making these products equally appealing to both kids and adults. But wait, there’s more! 7-Eleven is about to unveil a second wave of surprises with the launch of the SOU GOOD UV Umbrella with Quick-Dry Pouch, SOU・SOU Doraemon Plushie and SOU GOOD Soft Cushion. It’s taken those exclusive Japanese-inspired patterns and transformed them into a range of top-quality items to add a touch of minimalist Japanese aesthetics and fun to your home!


Add a Touch of Kyoto Style to Your Home with the Second Wave of SOU・SOU X Doraemon Collectibles

This brand-new series drops at 7-Eleven on 20 September. So, all you Doraemon and SOU・SOU fans, make sure to mark your calendars and head over to 7-Eleven to add these Japanese-style items to your collection!

Collect all four lightweight and compact SOU GOOD UV Umbrellas with Quick-Dry Pouch!

There are four delightful SOU GOOD UV Umbrella with Quick-Dry Pouch designs available, featuring adorable Doraemon and SOU・SOU’s stylish print patterns. These cute and eye-catching umbrellas include the vibrant “Playing with Numbers” design and the elegant, pink and purple “Smile” design – perfect for fans of all ages.

These umbrellas don’t just look cute; they’re practical too. They provide UPF40+ UV protection and come with an absorbent pouch equipped with microfiber to quickly dry off your umbrella, so your bag stays dry. Weighing in at only about 220g, these lightweight foldable umbrellas are versatile and handy, rain or shine. They’re the perfect accessory to complement any outfit, whether you prefer a simple look, a touch of summer energy, or a bit of girlish charm.

As an added bonus, 7-Eleven has a special combo offer: you can randomly redeem one SOU GOOD UV Umbrella with Quick-Dry Pouch with 6 stamps plus $78. Additionally, you can also randomly redeem one SOU GOOD Japanese Style Glass at the special price of just $36. It’s a fantastic combo deal that will bring some Japanese style to your daily routine!

For more details on the four SOU GOOD UV Umbrellas with Quick-Dry Pouch, please refer to this table:

SOU GOOD UV Umbrella with Quick-Dry Pouch (Suzushiroso)
The stylish light blue folding umbrella features SOU・SOU ‘Suzushiroso’ pattern and a playful Doraemon peeking out from its panels! Compact and easy to stash away, it’s ideal for taking to work or on the go. Plus, it provides UV protection with a UPF40+ rating, making it an essential dual-purpose accessory for outdoor activities, seamlessly combining style and convenience!

SOU GOOD UV Umbrella with Quick-Dry Pouch (Faintly)
This set includes a UV protection folding umbrella and a water-absorbent pouch. The pouch is made from ultra-fine microfiber, which is super effective at soaking up moisture. It’s not just for storing your umbrella; you can also use it to keep cold drinks cool or as a handy cloth for quick clean-ups so it’s super versatile and great value too!

SOU GOOD UV Umbrella with Quick-Dry Pouch (Playing with Numbers)
We’ve combined SOU・SOU’s iconic “Playing with Numbers” pattern with familiar Doraemon treasures like the “Anywhere Door,” “Memory Bread,” and the “Bamboo Copter.” This creative fusion makes for a fresh and unique design. The simple colour combinations enhance the umbrella’s classic Japanese aesthetic. The umbrella itself is lightweight and compact for easy storage, while the pouch features a handy zipper, making it effortless to open and fold. So, rain or shine, you’ve got all Doraemon’s gadgets by your side!

SOU GOOD UV Umbrella with Quick-Dry Pouch (Smile)
This adorable lilac umbrella showcases Doraemon lounging amidst the vibrant purple floral backdrop of SOU・SOU’s beloved ‘Smile’ print. Whether you’re on holiday or enjoying the great outdoors, this umbrella is perfect for shielding you from the sun. Its absorbent pouch includes a convenient hanging cord, making it easy to attach to your backpack. It’s your ideal travel companion!

Special Edition SOU・SOU Doraemon Plushie

The special edition SOU・SOU Doraemon Plushie stands at a delightful 8 inches tall. Doraemon holds a traditional Japanese fan, featuring the meaningful “Faintly” pattern in indigo blue, adding a unique touch that makes this plushie a prized collectible. Its super soft texture and perfect size make it the ideal daily companion. Visit 7-Eleven now and welcome this cheerful and charming Doraemon plushie into your home!

SOU・SOU Doraemon Plushie Redemption Details:

From 20 September (7am) to 27 October 2023 with any purchase#, customers can redeem one SOU・SOU Doraemon Plushie for $89 or 9,000 yuu Points plus $35. Limited quantity, while stocks last.

The SOU GOOD Super Soft Pillow showcases Doraemon’s adorable face on the front and the elegant “Faintly” pattern from SOU・SOU on the back. This design strikes the perfect balance between simplicity and style, making it an ideal addition to your living room or bedroom decor, infusing your home with a sense of tranquillity. And remember, the SOU・SOU Doraemon Plushie is also launching on 20 September. Fans of SOU・SOU and Doraemon, make sure to mark your calendars and don’t miss out!

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